Education is the key to success in any society. Although the Kenyan Government has been providing Free Primary Education since January 2003, there are still many challenges facing children who want to complete formal education.

  • Costs such as uniforms, exams, shoes, textbooks, stationery etc are outside the household budgets of many low-income families.
  • School attendance and completion are often compromised by poverty as children are either forced to work for food rather than attend school or find it hard to attend for a full day whilst undernourished
  • The quality of education is often compromised by class size, poor facilities, and quality of teaching staff and lack of teaching resources such as textbooks.
  • The challenges faced by students extend beyond the classroom to their home situations where poor lighting and family pressure to carry out household chores can make completion of homework and additional studies an impossible task.
  • Early Childhood Education is not provided for by the Government at the same level as Primary Education, meaning that a lot of children miss out on this essential element of preparation for primary education.

COHECF KENYA is seeking to address the effects of these issues by helping to improve the quality of educational opportunities on offer to children, youths and young mothers in urban informal settlements and rural communities.

As an organization we partner with  the National and county governments and any other relevant organizations/institutions in improving education standards in ECDs, Primary, Secondary schools and in Vocational training centres by providing tools and equipment for use and in coming up with educational projects meant to spur learning and development.

We will avail opportunities and resources through partnership with like minded organizations so as to conduct capacity building, provide learning materials, facilitation of communities to improve decision making on sustainable economic development.

Birunda Young Mothers is COHECF KENYA’s training programme which provides disadvantaged young mothers with dignity, opportunity and hope through skills for (self) employment.

COHECF-KENYA works with destitute young people who have been exposed to high-risk situations including child marriage, child prostitution, familial abuse and extreme poverty. Students access training in life skills, business skills and vocational skills in dress making. We have plans to start the following as short courses lasting 3 months in partnership with willing county governments and youth polytechnics.

  • Fashion and Design
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Motor Cycle Repair
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Electrical and solar Installation.
  • Life Skills Education
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship and Training