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Kenya | Kitale

— Birunda Young Mothers

Women and girls often have few opportunities for employment or to pursue a livelihood, due to limited resources, underdevelopment, and cultural sensitivities. Birunda Young Mothers group to supports women’s livelihoods through Self-Help Groups. These women meet on a regular basis in local communities to develop specific skills, such as tailoring, sewing, carpet-weaving, and handicrafts.

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Financial Awareness Foundation(U.S.A)

— Improving Financial Awareness and Financial Literacy

Too many people are on the verge of running out of money prematurely – long before their life expectancy. Many families are burdened with large amounts of debt, while many adults don’t have nor realize why it’s important to have a current financial,estate and gift plans to protect themselves and their families. We have a serious problem.This lack of financial awareness, along with the financial illiteracy epidemic places a HUGE growing amount of pressure on families and friends, employers, nonprofits; as well as the ultimate safety net the government. This is not just a local epidemic it’s an international one.


Cesie (Italy)

— (Inter)cultural heritage, education For Social InclusiON


To develop new educational approaches based on the valorization of intercultural heritage to promote young people active participation as well as means to promote key competences for the growth of intercultural citizens.

For more info:-Heritagefusion

Asociatia Liber la Educatie, Cultura si Sport (Romania)

— ToLERaNce

To develop, test and spread new tools and exchange good practices for preventing discrimination within young people. To research the level of human rights implementation in each partner country, focusing on discrimination and on the basis of this research to develop new educational methodologies for integration of young people who are discriminated on different levels.

As a result, we will produce a Handbook Good practices of campaigns promoting human rights ToLERaNce Training Program with useful tools and educational methodologies.

For more info:-Tolerance-ErasmusPlus-project

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